Growing Farm Profits

Welcome to Our Growing Farm Profits
Online Course

This online course was developed for farmers and for those who help farmers to create more sustainable farming enterprises. While this course will definitely have a vegetable production slant, many of the concepts and principles discussed will be informative to other producers.

We are providing a range of materials we expect will be helpful to you on your path to growing your farm profits. Many of the educational materials and recordkeeping tools provided here are ones we use in our popular Growing Farm Profits classroom trainings. To ensure that these resources have useful practical application in the real world of farming, these resources were largely developed with considerable input from farmers.

These resources are FREE. We encourage you to share these “farmer-friendly” tools widely. We also encourage you to share with us any farmer-friendly tools you think will help other farmers with farm financial management. Just email them to us here at Southern SAWG.

Our intention is to continue to add to this body of resources, as funding permits.

The first major piece of this online course is a video series that helps farmers understand some of the hidden factors influencing their profitability. This video series is a step by step demonstration of how a tool called “Veggie Compass” can be used to give small and mid-scale horticultural farmers a much fuller picture of their farm finances than regular recordkeeping systems provide. This is not a sales pitch for this particular free tool. Whether you actually decide to use Veggie Compass yourself is not as important as learning the concepts this tool allows us to demonstrate.

Next, we are providing a wide variety of recordkeeping spreadsheets, because we understand no one recordkeeping system fits everyone. There are many commercially available recordkeeping systems, which many farmers use with great success. These are freebies that we are providing. If you have free farmer-friendly recordkeeping tools you want to share, please email them to us here at Southern SAWG.

We are also providing a collection of documents that farmers have told us they have found useful. If there are other documents you think we should add to this collection, please email them to us here at Southern SAWG.

Finally, we are providing the PowerPoint presentations used in our Growing Farm Profits classroom trainings. These are primarily to be used as a refresher for those who have participated in the training.

Jean Mills, Program Manager for Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, led the development of this Growing Farm Profits online course with help from Ellen Polishuk and Jim Munsch.

Thank you to Southern Risk Management Education Center for the funding to develop our Growing Farm Profits classroom training and this online course.

Now go Grow Your Farm Profits!