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Request for Applicants for the Southern SAWG Board of Directors

The Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group Board of Directors is accepting applicants for consideration of Board appointment beginning in March 2018.

Board Term: March 2018 – March 2021

Application Deadline: August 15, 2017

Application Requirements: Please submit a letter of interest, resume and two professional letters of reference to The letter of interest should include what you are interested in contributing to the SSAWG board, a summary of your skills and experience as relevant to a SSAWG board appointment and your history and current involvement with SSAWG.

Application Process: Applications received by August 15, 2017 will be reviewed at the SSAWG Board of Directors’ meeting in late October. New board members will begin their service at the spring 2018 SSAWG board meeting.

Skills Required: SSAWG board members are expected to meet the requirements described below, be engaged with SSAWG activities, and demonstrate commitment and the ability to collaborate.

Special Areas of Interest: Each year the SSAWG Board of Directors reviews the skills and experience of its current board makeup and targets specific gaps in skill sets for incoming board members. This year SSAWG has many target areas including: states in our region not currently represented (KY, NC, VA, OK), persons of color, persons with funding development skills, youth representatives, and those involved with SSAWG work.

SSAWG is interested in a full-range of diverse applicants and will not discriminate.

For more information, please contact


Board Responsibilities and Job Description, 2017

Southern SAWG has become a highly respected primary force in the creation of a sustainable food and agriculture system—both in the South and nationally. Members of the Southern SAWG Board of Directors hold a credible and influential position in this movement. The honor and privilege of serving on the board is accompanied by appropriate responsibilities that empower Southern SAWG to continue to mature and contribute powerfully to a more sustainable society.

Board members' responsibilities include long-range and strategic planning, goal setting, prioritizing and evaluating activities, financial oversight, funding development, hiring and firing of the executive director, oversight of staff through the Executive Director, and setting Southern SAWG policy and program direction.

Board members are expected to:

  • Attend all board meetings, both face-to-face and by teleconference; Two face-to-face meetings are usually held: one day in association with the annual conference in January and two days later in the year. Teleconference meetings are held as needed, and can number three times a year.
  • Serve and fully participate on at least one board committee, and possibly a second as needed and assigned; Committees include Board Development, Strategic Planning, Diversity, Funding Development, Audit/Finance, Program Advisory, and Executive.
  • Stay informed about Southern SAWG programming and projects and sustainable agriculture issues, and participate fully in the governance of the organization;
  • Make an annual financial contribution to Southern SAWG;
  • Participate in Southern SAWG fundraising activities in some capacity;
  • Communicate the benefits of Southern SAWG programs to colleagues, friends and other members of the community;
  • Uphold and abide by the bylaws and policies of Southern SAWG;
  • Refrain from participation in board deliberations and voting when a conflict of interest exists.