Ode to the Flower Farmer

By Libby Outlaw

In honor of 35 years as a flower farmer, Libby created four beautiful art installations from last year's blooms. This is dedicated to all of today’s flower farmers and all of the flower farmers to come. 

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Bees Arrive at SC Spartanburg County School District Six!

Plans for the District Six organic farm are moving right along! They are very excited about serving students organic fruits and vegetables from their own farm.

"Over the weekend bees were brought to the property to help pollinate the plants. We are hoping this will naturally increase crop production. Dorman High School’s Resource Officer, Sean Roberts, is also a bee keeper in his spare time. He transported more than 20,000 honeybees to the farm to begin the pollination process. "

Check out this video to see how this process works!


Military Veterans Who Farm—at Southern SAWG Conference

Military Veterans Who Farm: Finding Each Other Means Finding the Missing Mission and Community. 

January 30, 2017  /  Rona Roberts

"Read Tribe." Heads nodded all over the room when two military veterans from Texas-based Farmers Assisting Returning Military—FARM—made that suggestion to a full room at Southern SAWG's annual gathering in Lexington last week. I immediately reserved one of the copies available in many formats at the wonderful Lexington Public Library

Tribe's subtitle: "On Homecoming and Belonging." FARM's tagline: "The power of community." The tagline of North Carolina-based Veterans Healing Farm: "Cultivating Life Through Community."

John Mahsie, Founder

John Mahsie, Founder

John Mahsie, an Air Force vet who founded Veterans Healing Farm, told the group, "Getting out of the military leaves two big gaps: a loss of community and a loss of mission. And society is not all that patient with people who are trying to figure things out." For the two veterans with FARM, the cost of those losses include 11 suicides among the returned veterans in their unit.

Around the country veterans are finding a new mission and new community in the demanding work of farming, growing food, and feeding others. The Farmer Veterans Coalition is a national nonprofit group working in support of veterans in agriculture. The FVC includes Homegrown by Heroes, a marketing program the Kentucky Department of Agriculture launched that now operates in many states.