Finding Peace in the Chaos of Farming

“The truth is over the years you realize that the work never goes away. You do your best and at the end of the day you try to find satisfaction with what you accomplished,” reflects Mark Cain on the demands of farm life. After 33 years invested in Dripping Springs Garden, Mark Cain and his partner Michael Crane understand the reality of working sunup to sundown to realize their farm dream, a process that literally started from the ground up.

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Ode to the Flower Farmer

By Libby Outlaw

In honor of 35 years as a flower farmer, Libby created four beautiful art installations from last year's blooms. This is dedicated to all of today’s flower farmers and all of the flower farmers to come. 

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Bees Arrive at SC Spartanburg County School District Six!

Plans for the District Six organic farm are moving right along! They are very excited about serving students organic fruits and vegetables from their own farm.

"Over the weekend bees were brought to the property to help pollinate the plants. We are hoping this will naturally increase crop production. Dorman High School’s Resource Officer, Sean Roberts, is also a bee keeper in his spare time. He transported more than 20,000 honeybees to the farm to begin the pollination process. "

Check out this video to see how this process works!